The Rock Island Arsenal Historical Society is the private support organization of the Rock Island Arsenal Museum.  The society’s goal is to support the programs of the museum and the museum’s mission to illustrate Arsenal Island history; its local and national contributions and impacts; and its activities in war and peace.

Established in 1972 to:

Bring together people interested in history, especially the history of Rock Island Arsenal;

Further an understanding of Arsenal Island and contributions made here to local, state and national governments;

Discover and collect any material which may help to establish or illustrate Arsenal Island history and:
Its environs;
Its settlement/development;
Its activities in peace and war; and
Its contributions to education, art, science, culture, manufacturing, trade, and transportation;
Provide for the preservation of such material and for their accessibility;

Assist and cooperate with persons desiring to use such materials for research and creative work;

Preserve historic buildings, monuments, and markers;
Disseminate historical information;
Conduct historical research;
Provide informal educational programs;
Provide financial assistance to students of American history in the form of scholarships; and

Cooperate with other historical societies, libraries and museums, and governmental departments of records, archives, and history in furthering the interests of historical research, study, and the preservation of historical material and objects.

Links to other historical societies:

German American Heritage Center

Butterworth Center and Deere-Wiman House

Colonel Davenport House


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