Richard C. Maguire Scholarship

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Richard C. Maguire (1918-1985)

Richard C. Maguire was a charter member of the Rock Island Arsenal Historical Society when it was founded in 1972. He served in many capacities as elected officer and volunteer. In 1974 he was elected President and served for eleven years until his death in 1985.

Dick was constantly on the prowl for items of the Arsenal’s historical past, saving many from the dump truck or obscure dusty corners.

It was through his efforts that the first items for a sale counter were obtained. The “gift shop” consisted of only a desktop display with lapel pins, books and lead soldiers, but within a few years it grew into a full size shop with hundreds of items. The small arms open storage display at the museum is dedicated to Dick’s memory.

Dick was an Armament Engineer for the US Government for 38 years. He helped design tank cupolas, turrets and gun mounts, crew served weapons and the M16 rifle. He worked at the Detroit Tank Arsenal, Rodman Lab, Industrial Based Engineering Agency (IBEA) and on the main battle tank project.

His sport and hobby was competitive pistol and rifle shooting. He held state records and won many medals at state, regional and national levels. He met his wife, Mary, at the national championships. In 1963, when he was transferred to the Rock Island Arsenal from Detroit, he and Mary started the Rock Island Arsenal Marksman Junior Rifle Club. By 1976 it was the largest junior rifle club in the United States. They taught gun safety to over 2000 juniors and adults. Dick trained and coached shooters for 22 years until his death.

Dick and Mary had three children: Elizabeth Louck, Kathleen Register, and David Maguire.

After his death on October 11, 1985, Mary sold his small but very special gun collection and donated the money to the Historical Society to start the scholarship fund named after him. Mary served as the Scholarship Committee Chairman for eleven years, retiring in 1996.