Volunteer/Education Opportunities


Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are an invaluable asset to the Rock Island Arsenal Museum and Resource Center. They give generously of themselves to help accomplish the daily routine tasks along with the more challenging projects. The museum would not be able to accomplish what is needed without the time and talent given by the museum volunteers.

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  • Information Support
  • Special Events

Internship Opportunities

College students majoring in history or a related field who are interested in obtaining museum experience are welcome to contact the Rock Island Arsenal Museum. The number of volunteer internships per semester will depend upon staff and project availability. Volunteer interns perform the same duties as volunteers but receive credit from their academic institutions.

To contact us to volunteer or for an internship, call 309-782-3518/5021.


The Rock Island Arsenal Museum has several learning opportunities. During a visit to the museum, families can enjoy the interactive Progress Room and try on Civil War or modern uniforms. Young visitors can learn how a pulley system powered machines during early manufacturing on Rock Island Arsenal or reconstruct a model of a blockhouse from Fort Armstrong.

Visitors can discover what daily life was like for Confederate prisoners held at Rock Island Barracks during the Civil War.  Reproductions of two watercolor paintings done by prisoner John Gisch provide the answers.   

For classroom use, the museum has three traveling trunks that can be loaned to local schools - a modern soldier trunk, a civil war trunk, and an early 1900s activities trunk. There is no charge and the individual trunks can be rented for one week intervals. To reserve a traveling trunk or more information, please call 309-782-5021.


Civil War Letter Writing

Civil War prisoner Sergeant Martin Simms

Civil War prisoner George Friend Fowlkes

Through the Eyes of an Artist - PDF - Image 1 - Image 2

History Hunt – 2nd-5th Grade

History Hunt – 6th-12th Grade